Magna Plaza

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Abdulrahman A
19 month ago
Looks funny & too classic from outside but inside is a good shopping mall. Upper floor has restaurants & coffee shops.
Sa 🎓
21 month ago
nice for shopping يشبه جبل عمر اللي بمكه ما في محلات مره حلوه احلى المحلات اللي بالقبو
A. G
23 month ago
Очень мало магазинов,есть футкорт,рядом супермаркет Алберт
Vicente M
25 month ago
El edificio en el que se encuentra este centro comercial es espectacular, muy bonito, quizás lo más interesante de todo, pues aunque tiene varias plantas y varios comercios, no hay mucha variedad
Tonia I
26 month ago
A small department store with many nice brands. The staff is nice and friendly and the location is excellent and not that busy all the time 👏
Lori C
29 month ago
The new food court on level two is a little like a mini foodhallen, a number of the same favourites
Jeroen H
30 month ago
FOOOOODD! Best FRESH noodles in town!
Aylin M
30 month ago
Pasaj mod ama içeri girince merdivenlerde her daim çalışan ressam 👨🏻‍🎨 arkadaşa bir uğrayın derim 😉
Paige H
32 month ago
Most of the building is under renovations. Just take a look from the outside.
Alex C
33 month ago
It’s kinda ok.