Chipotle Mexican Grill

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Breana A
58 month ago
Don't call ahead on Halloween cause they'll tell you that you're not a priority or a concern...
Aaron C
85 month ago
Order online regardless if you're dining-in. Your food will be ready when you arrive. Beats standing in line for 20-minutes.
Chris D
85 month ago
Steak burrito bowl with mild and medium sauce is amazing!
90 month ago
I love the prices for the margaritas and beers - better than the one in the city where they charge so much.
David B
97 month ago
This is the saltiest food I have ever had at any Chipotle, anywhere. Inedible. I had to leave most of my food. (I love Chipotle, but this is beyond normal range.)
Bryan M
108 month ago
If you get double meat they rarely charge you extra. Even if they do, it's 100% worth it.
Tamara D
113 month ago
Try to get here before 12pm. If you wait until the lunch hour rush, be prepared to face a very long line.
Anthony R
115 month ago
Order via app or online to beat the long lunch lines and go straight to the register to pick up your order.
Patrick B
126 month ago
Well the wife and I are here on a Monday @ about 7:30 and it's empty so service was fast and the food was delicious...thumbs up Chipotle! Always a pleasure!
Nikos M
136 month ago
I don't know if this location is always this busy but it's PACKED on a Monday at 7:30 and this is causing employees to work super fast and REALLY skimp on the food. Enough for me to post about it. lol