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Alla S
126 month ago
Friendly and qualified staff will help you choose the best and most unique gift from a huge variety of products.
Alia 🐾 C
126 month ago
If u need a good and original present or souvenir it's the right place! Great gadgets all over the world, beautiful interior design, friendly and competent staff, what can be better?
  • Rr. Sami Frasheri, pll. 39 (Pjeter Bogdani, 39), Tiran 1001, Arnavutluk, GPS: 41.32117,19.813993
  • 664096412
  • http://www.lefutur.al
  • Pzt–Cum 09:00–21:30
    Cmt 09:00–21:00
    Paz 09:00–19:00