Flying Tiger Copenhagen

Hediyelik Eşya Dükkanı
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Jacqueline C
34 month ago
Cute stuff you never think you need but you’ll still leave with a purchase. They have fun and good value back to school stuff. I wish I came in here first before I bought everything from Staples.
Lu L
39 month ago
Quer comprar mimos e utensílios de papelaria e casa a preços de 2, 4, 6 dólares? Esse é o lugar. Vontade de comprar tudo!
Steve S
43 month ago
Inexpensive gadgets, toys and gifts.
Natalie R
47 month ago
It's like a small Ikea for trinkets. I love it! They have nice quirky things that would be great as gifts, from cute pins to tiny pool tables.
Julie A
48 month ago
Fun stuff! Good for school supplies
Song D
57 month ago
Cheap small stuff with some design.
  • 424 Columbus Ave, New York, NY 10024, ABD, GPS: 40.78294,-73.97492