University District Farmers Market

Semt Pazarı
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andresmh ?
22 month ago
Nature’s land farm breakfast sandwiches are 👌
Johnny P
40 month ago
All year round fun. Hot weather, grab freshly made popsicles and hang out around live music. Cold weather, grab hot curries or soups to warm up. And the products are always in the best shape.
Daniel M
58 month ago
This is one of the year-round farmer's markets in Seattle--every Saturday from 9am to 2pm. A bit larger from May to October, but always good
Devon L
62 month ago
Kellyanne S
65 month ago
If you love yourself, make sure to try the spinach and cheese empanada, followed by an apple and dulce empanada (basically a mini apple pie)
Renee H
65 month ago
Fab place - lots of good stuff to get. Check out the boys at Convoy Coffee, the ladies at Little Prague, Jerzey Boyz, Rockridge Orchards
Renee H
65 month ago
This place is wonderful. The vendors are awesome!Greek Yogurt from Ellenos, Pastries from Little Prague, Apples Jerzey Boyz,and more!
Miraj S
69 month ago
The best produce in the city. Get samish bay cheese, heirloom tomatoes, fresh berries (Hayton or elsewhere), Fuji apples, duck eggs (Sea Breeze farm). Make sure to get Ellenos and a poem!
Laurentia H
74 month ago
Can't miss stalls v.1: Left Foot Farm for raw goat milk, Sea Breeze Farm for meats, bone broth, pasta sauce, and raw cow's milk.
Josh W
77 month ago
Pick up some freshly shucked Oysters and make your own oyster happy hour.