Dong Vui Square

Vietnam Restoranı
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Denisa H
41 month ago
Amazing! You can choose from many restaurants (offers from whole the world). We had vietnamese and it was totaly perfect 👍
Ashley D
54 month ago
Great variety of food in a nice setting. Order food at the different stalls remembering your table number. The Vietnamese food was good quality and the service very friendly. All types of food served
Sean W
58 month ago
A very nice place to chill out, grab a drink or having dinner, it have a good mix of Asian food and western food. Good music taste in the ambient music, Bjork. Good place, I love it.
Ólafur P
63 month ago
Great option of different types of food. Busy place with a good vibe. Service could be better though. Would recommend.
Süße T
67 month ago
Organizing is messy since there are many vendors with different kind of food, confusing with ordering from the table & paying! After the 1st order of drinks, hard to order more...
Djemma M
79 month ago
WOK is wonderful! Fried rice with shrips also great! Чудесная лапша ВОК с курицей от русскоговорящего Гоши. Жареный рис с овощами и креветками тоже божественный (индийская кухня вроде).
Djemma M
79 month ago
Вообще, очень крутое место. Что то вроде ресторанного дворика в ТЦ, только все собрано в 1 меню. Очень удобно. кухни: вьетнамская, вок, русская, европейская, индийская, вегетарианская, барбекю и тд
Svetlana C
79 month ago
Несколько разных кухонь в одном месте. Русская, индийская, вьетнамская и пр. Салаты и суп - очень хорошо. Гриль - не все. Дешево. Кофе -10 тыс, салат - 30 тыс.донгов.
81 month ago
very tasty at moms'pie shop, pies, dumplings, tortillas, soups
Vlad R
93 month ago
Food court with many vendors selling local food and drinks. Try dark beer, BBQs and cheese garlic naan from Indian guy.
  • 246 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Phan Thiet, Bình Thuận Province, Vietnam, GPS: 10.953816,108.24714