Ftelia Beach (Φτελιά)

10 İncelemeye göre


Andreas N
35 month ago
This beach is mostly free of beach bars and facilities. But it is a huge dumpster!There is plastic everywhere, both in the sand and in the water.Unbelievable that this happens on a island like Mykonos
Evangelos T
58 month ago
Best windy beach on the island 💙
Svetlana L
62 month ago
Если пройти вверх по горе, попадёшь не в Грецию, а в Исландию! Завораживает
Stavria K
71 month ago
Ideal for windsurfing! Don't come here if you wait for champagnes & cocktails.it is far from the other Mykonos beaches, as it is wild but amazing. Eat without a question to Ftelia Restaurant!
Sophie A
72 month ago
Such a beautiful & quiet beach! Great for windsurfers!
80 month ago
Spiaggia molto lunga... Esposta sempre al vento, ottima per chi fa surf!
Bedour ✨
81 month ago
Quiet , animal friendly and don't miss out on this beautiful cave house
82 month ago
On a windy day come and watch (or do) windsurfing.
Marian K
106 month ago
Super nice, super quiet. Maybe how Paradise beach looked like 40 years ago.
Myrtali P
107 month ago
Laid back and cool! Perfect for surfing and kitesurfing. Usually windy but beautiful. Staff is awesome and very helpful. Always smiling. Comfortable bean bag chairs which is great! ☀😎🐳🐙☀