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Irak, Ninova, Qaryat ash Shahid Yunis as Sabawi

Irak, Sulaymaniyah, Takiyat Kalak Amin, village

Irak, Sulaymaniyah, Kani Hanar, village

Irak, Erbil

Irak, Ninova, Başika

Irak, Sulaymaniyah, Süleymaniye

Irak, Ninova, Musul

Irak, Basra, Qaryat as Sadah, village

Irak, Najaf, Necef

Irak, Baghdad, Bağdat

Irak, Kerkük, Sarkaran

Irak, Babil, Madinat Babil, village

Irak, Sulaymaniyah, Süleymaniye

Irak, Halabja, Khurmal

Irak, Baghdad, Bağdat

Irak, Baghdad, Bağdat

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