Sakae Sushi

Suşi Restoranı
10 İncelemeye göre


Alexis v
95 month ago
Sashimi salad is really good!
Ivy B
98 month ago
Standing for 5 mins without anyone bring you to a table!!
sHann h
105 month ago
If u hvnt ordered, dun bother and eat elsewhere. Chawanmushi is filled with potholes, lotsa known dishes are gone, service is non-existent,
Hannah Gerlyn C
105 month ago
Horrendous experience!! Nothing on the menu! Lack of variety , lack of taste , lack of service n wet tissue is chargeable at $0.30 each! Avoid this place at all circumstance ! N
Koh A
111 month ago
Service staffs are great! Food are pretty good for such prices, if u want best Jap food then DON'T come here! Go those high class super expensive restaurants by Japs! If u think u are that high class!
Sg K
124 month ago
Never come for supper buffet, everything unavailable
Jimmy Y
125 month ago
Suggested : Take The Red Plate First , otherwise you can't finish the rest
Jimmy Y
130 month ago
Buffet only on Friday and Saturday at $20.90 ++
Wan Nur Azmam R
131 month ago
Sea urchin looks bigger on the menu pictures than in real life. REPEAT, Uni Sashimi is small....
Anand M
134 month ago
They did away with the vegetarian section in their menu. Even though they could have been few takers, don't ever remove vegetarian items from a menu. Esp when V is the new E.
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