Kimchi Restaurant

Kore Restoranı
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TriNy L
83 month ago
Had my birthday dinner 07/07/2015 with a bowl of hot Kimchi noodles.. Very good for the cold weather :)
Jimmy J
97 month ago
Kimchi has a different story. The small place evokes a bohemic atmosphere with its eccentric motif, recycled materials adorned its walls and ceilings in nifty kaleidoscope of colours...
Nida L
98 month ago
You'll really wait for the food to be served but when it arrive, wow! The ingredients are fresh and generous! So delicious also. Basta happy tummy talaga!
Jojami A
121 month ago
They can get you a 'happy stick' you just need to know how to ask. :)
  • 2619 Sagada, Mountain Province, Filipinler, GPS: 17.08339,120.90059