Double Shot - Partisan Coffee

Kahve Dükkanı
10 İncelemeye göre


Alexa F
13 month ago
Love the Long Black coffee and egg breakfast. Super friendly staff, good place to work on weekdays in the upstairs space. Gluten free cookies too :)
Νεφέλη Κ
13 month ago
we went for breakfast and we tried benedict eggs with salmon and french toast that were delicious!! good job, the cappucino a little bit bitter but everything else was perfect!! special!! TELEIO
Paul W
15 month ago
Same vibe but the name has changed! Partisan Cafe now.
Elena F
17 month ago
Good breakfast (salted and sweet as well). Coffee macchiato was to much liquid.
Beth P
18 month ago
Strong coffee, great iced latte
Beth P
18 month ago
Tiny but very cute. Staff are lovely and the coffee is strong
Tom D
19 month ago
Coffee and breakfast are very good and not expensive at all
Muffin Man
20 month ago
WHY THERE: coffee, breakfast. STUFF: nice. STAFF: smooth. LOCATION: close to mainstream (convenient). PRICES: higher average (reasonable)
Tiger S
20 month ago
Best Egg Benedict in town! W/ mushrooms 🍄 or bacon 🥓 or salmon 🐟!
Omar A
21 month ago
I really like this place. Their breakfast options are very delicious, specially the scrambled eggs. I like their coffee too.
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