Budapesti Történeti Múzeum

Tarih Müzesi
10 İncelemeye göre


Mike P
26 month ago
It was a nice visit . Not very organized if you don’t buy an audio toor . Some exhibitions lack English explanations . Overall a nice walk through with a lot of things to see .
Turgut U
27 month ago
If u want learn history of hungry 1 of best place
liberalia ?
37 month ago
Furcsan keverednek a korszakok, de mindenkeppen erdemes megnezni.
Andrei S
40 month ago
Музей интересный и не очень большой, приятное сочетание! Хорошее времяпрепровождение!
Tim H
42 month ago
I think the exhibits are a bit lacking, but getting to see the old architecture of the castle cellars and the chapel is very cool.
Fluying ✅
53 month ago
If you are interested in knowing more about the history of Budapest, it's Asian origins, the different occupation like ottomans and soviets, the 1000th anniversary, etc, THIS IS YOUR PLACE,
Sipos P
63 month ago
Not a very informative and exciting museum, but the location and the building itself is worth visiting.
We Love Budapest
66 month ago
Buda Castle, "E" building, permanent exhibition of life in the city from 1945 to 1989
Marina K
66 month ago
Beware of automatically starting gospel on the Medieval floor👻
Pelin D
71 month ago
the first floor was not that interesting but the second floor was it gives you informatie about the ottoman period and the soviets period!